18 by Veluz

I have only been designing wedding gowns for a decade now. Creating gorgeous white dresses never cease to excite me. Seeing those brides so happy with the dresses we’ve made still a privilege.

Late last year, I was asked by two Moms, who I can’t say no to, to make their daughter’s debutante dresses. I am so used to working with whites, and all other versions of it, but I cannot use white for these girls. They are their own person and yes, they are not yet brides. I cannot imagine both these girls in white, not yet.

I’ve always believed in the power of dressing up. It sets your mood but it also speaks for you. Your choices, your person. The dresses should reflect who they are and the ladies they have become. It excited me on a different level. I will be making gowns for young ladies that are entering the next chapter of their lives – adulthood. They are no longer girls whose fashion choices are dictated by moms, but young women, who has the power to decide what they want and who they are. It is a milestone event and I am privileged to be asked to partake in it.

I knew these girls when they were younger and I have made a few dresses for them in the past. I do not want to cage them in laces and beads. I’ve done that. Surely there are other ways to embellish their dresses that will show their characters. And colors! I will be working with colors! Imagine the huge array of embellishments we can work on! Suddenly the possibilities became endless, my playground expanded.

I enjoyed every minute working on their dresses and I want to make more.

So on our 18th year of making bespoke wedding gowns, we open our doors to debutants. We are so excited to explore this new creative avenue. We can’t wait to create more beautiful dresses and wonderful memories with you.


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