Pia Uy

Daughter of one of my colleagues in the wedding industry, did her prom gown and grad ball dress too. And she was the Prom Queen and Best Dressed in those events. Well-deserved! She’s absolutely gorgeous probably even in pjs, but I’d like to believe the dresses we made her completed her look. 😛

She has one of the prettiest faces I’ve seen. Definitely very feminine but not boring and never a push over. Smart, independent and level-headed. And I wanted a gown that will celebrate those traits. I want a gown feminine enough but with details that will reflect her strength. And different from the myriad of other beautiful gowns she own from other designers. I am mighty proud that I made this one for her.

We miss you AND your gown Pia! haha!



Hair and Make-up by Madge Lejano of the Make-up Studio Team by Madge
Planning by Metro Eventscape

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