Nikki Fajardo

This sweet girl owns more Veluz gowns than any young lady I know, actually even more than what my 16-year old daughter has.

She’s the only daughter of one of my most loyal clients, Ms. Rosing Fajardo. I’ve been making her Mom’s special occasion dresses from the time I started making gowns, back when I had nothing yet to show, back when it was just me and one sewer. Up to now, I still make her Mom’s gowns because I will always be grateful for the trust she gave me then

I did a couple of NIkki’s party dresses when she’s in her pre-teens, several bridesmaids dresses, her high school prom and grad ball gowns and last year, her debutant’s dress. I couldn’t be any more proud of her. She’s undeniably well-off and very smart but she wouldn’t rub it on anyone. My staff adore her and enjoy every fitting we have with her. Her wit and spunk never annoying but always endearing.

Thank you Ms. Rosing for letting us witness your daughter’s coming of age.

We love you so much Nikki!!


Planning by Bespoke Manila
Hair and Make-up by Noel Jimenez and Vince Cusay
Photos by Happy Folks Studio

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